Correctional Officer I

Job Overview

  • Salary Offer $50,551/year plus $7,500 signing bonus
  • Experience Level Entry Level
● Attends an entrance level training program certified by the Maryland Correctional Training Commission.
● Attends firearms training.
● Learns specific duties on various security posts through on-the-job training.
● Maintains control of inmates while escorting individuals or groups within the prison.
● Keeps accurate head counts of inmates in the assigned security post.
● Conducts inspections and searches of inmates and inmate access and work areas for drugs,
   weapons, and other unauthorized materials.
● Enforces rules of conduct among inmates and learns when to prepare reports of infractions.
● Operates manual and electronic locking systems.
● Subdues and restrains inmates during fights, riots and escape attempts.
● When standing an armed post, learns how to determine the need for the use of firearms and
   uses them when necessary.
● Assists in the search for escapees, their capture and return to the institution.
● Assists in maintaining the custody of inmates during transport to other institutions or
   court appearances.
● Drives motor vehicles when transporting inmates, making outside security rounds, searching for
   escapees and related activities.
● May search visitors for contraband.
● May place inmates in handcuffs, restraining belts, and leg irons.
● Performs other related duties.
Career Opportunities and Possibilities
● Canine Unit (K9)
● Special Operations Group (SOG)
● Tactical unit
● Intelligence Unit
● Home Detention Unit
● CO Environmental Officer
● Commitment Unit
● Academy Instructor
● In-Service Instructor
● Range Instructor
● Transportation Instructor
● Contraband Interdiction Team (CIT)
● Additional career opportunities throughout DPSCS (Finance, HR, IT, Parole & Probation,
   Case Management etc.)

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